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Safe-Way Pest Control | Bedbugs | Johnson City, TN Safe-Way Pest Control | Bedbugs | Johnson City, TN
Safe-Way Pest Control | Bedbugs | Johnson City, TN

Know More About Molds

Molds can be formed by initially having water problems on your property. As water has the tendecy to seek its path and its own level, it will cause the decomposition of the lime in concrete eventually resulting to capillarity, then mold and mildew and eventually structural damage. Our professionals from Safe-Way Pest Control recommend having the areas with mold to be properly remediated to the highest standards possible.

  • Drastic reduction in property value

  • Loss of valuable living or recreational space

  • Damage to stored possessions and valuables

  • Peeling of paint – ruined panel and sheetrock

  • Ruined floor tile and/or carpet

  • Rust, corrosion and damage to appliances and heat plant

  • Termite and insect infestation

  • Serious health problems due to mold and mildew

  • Electrical shock hazard

  • Serious structural damage

What Molds Can Cause

The effects of having molds should not be taken for granted. From simple dampness on walls, mildew or efflorescence, it can grow serious as to affecting the health of residents and occupants. Our experts guarantee a FREE thorough home inspection as we consider your wall structure, water pressure, acid load, footer undermining and the floor pressure of your property. Contact us today and avail our services for your satisfaction.

Avoid Harmful Effects of Molds

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